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Fox News Nicknamed the Palins. Yikes.


Photo of Fox News mogul Roger Ailes by Nancy Kaszerman/

You probably heard reports a while back revealing that Roger Ailes, the “deeply paranoid paterfamilias of Fox News” thought Sarah Palin was an “idiot” and “stupid.” That didn’t stop him from hiring her, though. Because he also thought she was “hot.” And if there’s one thing that the head of Fox knows about his audience, it’s that they loves them a hot idiot. And if they watch, he makes money.

Welcome to the fold, Mrs. Palin.

More was revealed about attitudes toward Sarah Palin and her husband Todd in a new book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, by Gabriel Sherman who had previously penned a long article on Fox News and Ailes for New York Magazine. After giving Palin a million dollars a year to be a professional hot idiot, Ailes also paid for a recording studio to be built in the Palins’ home in Wasilla, Alaska.

The Daily Beast reports 25 tidbits from the book, including this little gem:

“Before her appearances, she regularly carped at husband Todd, who handled the camera. Fox News producers nicknamed the Palins ‘The Bitch’ and ‘The Eskimo.'”

Yes, Todd Palin is part Alaska Native. Because why be just racist, or just misogynistic when you can be both at the same time? Way to go Fox News team.



22 Responses to “Fox News Nicknamed the Palins. Yikes.”
  1. Zyxomma says:

    Hmm, so Ailes was diagnosed as a toddler with hemophilia. I guess the human skin doesn’t fit too well over the reptilian within, and bleeding thus ensues. Bloody @$$hole.

  2. MeccaRoberts says:

    How is that different from most people in the hot seat about to talk? But this is how network news works. Barbara Walters is called the cunt by techs. Larry King was called “ass sweat.” Diane Sawyer was nicknamed BJ (rude and sexist but back in the 60s true.

    It’s hard being a woman. You can’t assert yourself without being called mean things. Hillarys gone through it.

    Luckily, Sarah’s a nice woman and people love her, those who know her and see her daily anyway

    • Alaska Pi says:

      oh horsepunky. you missed the whole point.

    • GoBig says:

      People love her? I doubt she could get elected dog catcher in Alaska now.

    • slipstream says:

      Yeah, those Fox technicians — who attempted to work with her for a year — loved her soooo much that they made up a special nickname for her. I think it was “sweetheart.” Or was it something else?

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Bush 40-infinity would have been appropriate. The policies would be the same and the damage done forever.

  4. Really? says:

    Does Todd, being an Eskimo, mean that he, his children and grandchildren, receive free Health Care?

    • wendy says:

      Yes and they do. Sarah and all her bad mouthing of healthcare with death panels.

      • Really? says:

        I’d love to receive free health care for myself, husband , children, grandchildren and great-grand child.

  5. Xenon says:

    And yet someone as oh-so-informed and aware as the self-proclaimed “Mama Grizzly” herself was unable to pick up on the rampant, high-level undercurrent of disdain directed towards her. What a joke.

  6. Alaska Pi says:

    oh great.
    rilly professional there Fox News producers..
    no love lost here for whatzername but am sick unto perdition of the misogynistic “bitch” routine and do not get me started on the racist crap.
    you wanna call em tweedle-snot and tweedle-snottier, go for it. leave off the smears of vast groups (over half the planet are ladies ya know?) of people , eh?

    • Beaglemom says:

      I agree with you, Alaska Pi. But just imagine how they refer to President and Mrs. Obama!

    • wendy says:

      Remember, this racist name calling is coming from FOX.

      • Really? says:

        Is the word Eskimo a “racist name calling”.? One might think the slang for Eskimo would be the
        “racist name calling”. (salmon cruncher). Now, if Ailes would have used that word one might call it “racist name calling”. I think Ailes could have thought of another more creative word to call Sarah Palin.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          Eskimo is considered a racist smackdown/perjorative amongst Canada’s First Nations peoples. Less so in Alaska- though you better be careful who you call Eskimo and how you do it.
          However it IS always racist to reduce someone to a snarky take on their heritage. As Mr Palin is something like 1/8 Yup’ik and all the rest of his heritage is white, one can easily see the age-old one drop of non-white blood defining race routine.
          And , no, we are NOT a post racial society and never will be as long as doofs use their white privilege to pigeon hole brown or part brown people. Period.

          • Really? says:

            The Alaskan Eskimos I know are proud to be who they are. Not one has ever mentioned that the word Eskimo was offensive. But, thanks for the lesson anyway.

            • Tallimat says:

              I so tire of subpar, clueless responses like yours.

              Psssst, hey really?, it’s not who you know but how you refer to them as a person.

              At some point… Oh never mind, my dad is waking up and wants his morning coffee. I’d rather sit with my dad than try and impart any common sense towards your direction. You have that “slick forehead” problem. Things just slide right over your head.

          • Sadly…!!

  7. Elsie says:

    I’m afraid, this time, Faux Schnooze has dun gone and insulted “Eskimos” everywhere.

    “Bitches”, not so much.

    What a “tripp”.