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September 27, 2023


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Fake News Blight Hits Alaskan Family

“Be careful with your words.” That was something I heard Pop Moore often say while I was growing up. I guess that’s a saying we all hear often enough, but I wonder how many people really think about the weight of their words. With the flood of information and the ability to have a bazillion words at your fingertips at any second — thanks to our phones — maybe we feel deluged in our own language. Much has been written about Anchorage Assembly member Amy Demboski and her — at best — careless use of language this week in regard…

The Weekend Off – News You Missed

Alaska ADN – Alaska cannabis prohibition ends Tuesday; if you’re celebrating, do so responsibly Ballot Measure 2 will become effective on Tuesday, and many Alaskans are wondering what will change on that date. The simple answer is: Everything, and not much at all. Fairbanks News Miner – Alaska State Troopers working out details for marijuana enforcement Marijuana becomes legal in two days, but where it will be allowed to be used remains a bit hazy. Public consumption of pot remains prohibited, but local leaders continue to debate the definition of public place. The Atlantic – Cold, Dark, and Happy: Alaska Is the New Leader…

Fox News Nicknamed the Palins. Yikes.

You probably heard reports a while back revealing that Roger Ailes, the “deeply paranoid paterfamilias of Fox News” thought Sarah Palin was an “idiot” and “stupid.” That didn’t stop him from hiring her, though. Because he also thought she was “hot.” And if there’s one thing that the head of Fox knows about his audience, it’s that they loves them a hot idiot. And if they watch, he makes money. Welcome to the fold, Mrs. Palin. More was revealed about attitudes toward Sarah Palin and her husband Todd in a new book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, by Gabriel Sherman…

Fridays in the Mud – Shannyn and Jeanne on BlogTalkRadio

The Shannyn Moore Show on BlogTalkRadio – today we have’s Jeanne Devon discussing Alaska news and politics (as always). Our Governor Sean Parnell aka Captain Zero is in the news for denying Alaskan’s an expansion of Medicaid, we talk about the awesome story of #batkid and how the leader of the Catholic world has come out against fracking. All this and more… please tune and share the link – Check Out Politics Progressive Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Shannyn Moore Show on BlogTalkRadio

Good News out of Detroit

Good local news is hard to come by. Well produced local news is nearly impossible to find. We’re lucky here in Anchorage to have some great local journalists at the ADN, KTUU, The Alaska Dispatch, and In Detroit they’ve got Pulitzer Prize winning Charlie LeDuff. He’s the classic local TV news investigative reporter – just funnier. I have to admit am completely addicted to Charlie LeDuff’s journalism. It’s sensationalist, it’s absurd – but in a real way it does what top notch local journalism does – speaks truth to power. Please check out this story on police wait times in…

Palin Gets the Aluminum! But Will She “Get Motivated?”

Trying to get kids to use seat belts can be a daunting task.  Even when mine were small and told me they had seatbelts on, I always used the “trust but verify” rule.  When driving together as a family, we’d have a carload of four.  And one day wefigured out an ingenious solution.  Putting on seat belts became a contest.  When the key was turned, that was the starting gun.  Then whoever was first with the seat belt got the “gold medal.”  Second place was the silver and third was the bronze.  This system worked well, but it always left one…