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Palin and the “Dogs” of a ‘War’ Against Police

The video was captured by a writer for the lefty BlueNationReview at the anti-Iran deal protest in Washington, DC today. The video picks up somewhat mid-statement so we’re not quite sure yet if there is some weird Palin-istic metaphor going on here or if she really did just call the #BlackLivesMatter protestors “dogs.” Based on the mainstream media’s reports of her speech it doesn’t seem as though there is. It’s not shocking that Palin, like the rest of right wing in this country (and some Democratic candidates) can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that “black lives matter” doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. It’s just that we’re talking about THESE lives right now.

She also is moving forward the meme that police are under attack more so, now thanks to “Obama’s” black lives matter organization. (I’m still waiting for Obama to show up at a march in Ferguson or Baltimore, but maybe he’s back in the office with the button machine and making phone calls like a good community organizer would.) The meme that police are under attack is also a lie – police are in fact less likely to be killed or shot at in 2015 than they have in 40 years. So much for this “disturbing trend.”

Anyway, sorry to interrupt your lovely Palin-less day.




6 Responses to “Palin and the “Dogs” of a ‘War’ Against Police”
  1. Dorrie Wallis says:

    Scott Walker is an idiot, in my opinion.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Krubozomo Nyankoye, I hope you are still out there and feeling frisky some more,my friend. Your scientific perspective is needed even more than ever as we struggle to figure out what makes wingnuts tick. Getting lonely around the mudflats. Take care. πŸ™‚

  3. mea says:

    Palin is a nutshell
    no that’s not a typo

  4. Keith from AZ says:

    In the past 55 years, starting in 1960, the first six years of the Obama administration ranked, starting in 2009, 53,34,29,52,55,54 in terms of overall police deaths (1 was the worst, and that was 1974 with 280 deaths)

    Compare that to the 2001-2009 numbers under GW Bush of 4,37,41,31,32,40,18,43. Now we all realize that the 4th worst is mostly a result of 9-11, so toss it out. But overall, police deaths during the Bush administration were far higher than during the Obama administration.

    Now some amount of credulity must be used regarding the numbers as some people count all “fallen” officers, whether they died in bed of a heart attack, an auto accident (police related or not) or any other means.

    But over all, the amount of deaths is far lower. Of course, take into account the firepower and defensive equipment today’s militarized police carry.

    {space reserved for some witty comment about Sarah Palin and her adversarial relationship with reality)

  5. Pogo says:

    When saying Black Lives Matter, the emphasis is not on Black Lives, the emphasis is on Matter. Other lives ( and by that I mean white lives and police officer lives) are already accepted as mattering. Black lives deserve the same acceptance.

  6. mike from iowa says:

    Wingnutter and Potus also ran Gay Perry-the one from Texas,not Europe said the other day a broken clock is right once a day. Must have been talking about Snowgrift Snoozie or maybe all the other thousands of right wing morons running for Obie’s seat.

    Just another wingnut talking point to be disseminated by every wingnut on every medium every minute of every day.BTW,didn’t Adolf Hitler hold his arm at full length like he was trying to shake hands?

    Some women shave their legs and are disappointed. I put my hearing aid in for the pure agony of listening to this shrill shrew.