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December 1, 2023


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Wisconsin Congressman Tells Real Reason for Voter ID

Yesterday Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin Primary to the surprise of no one. While the Cruz campaign is behind in delegates, Cruz endorser and Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman was already looking forward to the November election. In an interview with WTMJ at the Cruz celebration rally, he gave two reasons why the Republicans could be confident… even though Wisconsin has been a blue state for decades.

“Why would it be any different for Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump?”

“I think Hillary Clinton is about the weakest candidate perhaps they’ve ever put up and now we have photo ID and I think that photo ID is going to make a bit of a difference as well.

This isn’t the first time that someone let slip the real reason behind “voter fraud” prevention laws. Back during the 2012 election, Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Mike Turzai spoke to applause celebrating the accomplishments of his party. “Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania… DONE.”

Whether it be voter ID, voter caging or Crosscheck – they’ll always claim that it’s to protect you from “voter fraud.” As we well know, voter fraud, is itself a fraud. Find out how you can protect your vote by downloading our comic book – Steal Back Your Vote!  And make sure that you support our film on all the ways that they’re trying to steal, buy, or trash your vote – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.


For 15 years, Greg Palast has been uncovering voter suppression tactics in investigative reports for BBC Television, The Guardian, Harper’s and Rolling Stone.

Later this year, Greg Palast will be releasing his new feature film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy—A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, which includes his award-winning investigation Jim Crow Returns.

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3 Responses to “Wisconsin Congressman Tells Real Reason for Voter ID”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Texas former guv Perry commits voter fraud.

    I believe anyone with half a brain cell knows it is wingnuts who commit the most egregious voter fraud and then lie about it.

  2. Mike D says:

    Asking a voter to show an I.D. is not a conspiracy. Making it difficult to obtain an ID. if one doesn’t already have one, reducing the numbers of DMVs for said purpose, cutting back poll hours and days, not having enough ballots on hand, and making voters wait in lines for hours is suppression. It’s a fairly simple two question test. 1) If you wanted to encourage more people to get involved in the process and vote, what policies would you implement?
    2) If you wanted to discourage certain people from voting, what policies would you implement?

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Fitzwalkerstan has met the enemy voters and it is them.

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