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Photos: Gov. Mike Pence In North Carolina

Amongst the hurricane of controversies surrounding GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, his running mate is an eye in the storm. Focusing mainly on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal Pence gave a speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, Monday night.

Many of the signs being waved at this Trump/Pence rally were bright pink ones that read “Women for Trump.” In fact at this rally a cursory count showed an even number of women and men, once the event began. That didn’t stop the audience from yelling the usual phrases, though – “lock her up” was chanted more than once.

I’ll have video interviews from the event coming soon, once I can get the time to edit and internet reliable enough to upload. 












2 Responses to “Photos: Gov. Mike Pence In North Carolina”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    Then his campaign plane runs into the ditch. Metaphorically telling Pence it is time to say “Goodnight, Gracie.”

  2. mike from iowa says:

    Pence looks like the perfect candidate for an old style KGB agent in the next James Bond movie.Short cropped white-blonde hair. That steely gaze. Being single minded in purpose. And supporting a tyrant, dictatorial wannabe.

    He could team up with iowa freshman Sinator and former KGB agent Ivana Kuturnutzov aka Joni Ernst of castratation fame. Castration certailnly sounds like a KGB standard tool.

    James Bond is in big trouble.