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September 29, 2023


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MSNBC: Greg Palast on the Recount

In Michigan and North Carolina the wipe-out of Black, Hispanic and young voters was massive – especially under Crosscheck. Watch my latest segment on MSNBC’s AM Joy, this Saturday morning on how the election was rigged – long before the vote even happened.



4 Responses to “MSNBC: Greg Palast on the Recount”
  1. John J Foelster says:

    I’m hoping to reach out to Greg Palast. I sent him an email via his personal webpage a few days ago but he may have not gotten around to reading it in the general panic after the alleged Trump victory.

    The short version is that I solved the case of how the Alaska voting machines were hacked in 2008 and identified the hacker. I’m deliberately withholding his name in the hopes that I can actually get him arrested before he figures out he’s screwed and flees the country.

    I know he hit the AK system again in 2014, but had been treating it as an isolated case until November 7th, when a fresh review of the facts indicated BIG money was also involved. As a result, I’ve been treating the two Alaska cases and Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson’s suspected attacks in Kansas and Wisconsin in 2014, and at least the DIEBOLD/Premier counties in the (very obvious) 2016 Trump fraud as linked.

    I think our friend Mr. Villa here may be in possession of the first concrete evidence of that larger Pro-GOP hacking group.

    (Talk about dumb luck.)

    You can read about my ridiculously bloated research here at Steve Aufrecht’s blog.

    (I hope Greg actually reads these things.)

    Also, nice hat!

  2. Pancho says:

    Voter suppression is very different than the rigging of vote counts.

    Kris Kobach, the arch enemy of enfranchisement, visited Anchorage for the National Association of Secretaries of State annual convention in July 2013. He normally took the wife and kids along, their cost at his own expense. However, he left them home in 2013, and he “disappeared” for a couple of days afterward, before returning to Kansas. I wonder what he was up to? Was he teaching the “R”s how to disenfranchise minorities, students, the poor and even women, or had he hooked up with some cutie? (I got all his records for travel for years, with an Open Records Act request.) Kobach is a fellow with the Koch’s Heritage Foundation, and he was the author of Arizona’s SB1070, the “Breathing while Brown” law.

    • John J Foelster says:

      Are you serious?

      Do you know for a fact the Kobach came to Anchorage by himself and then stayed there for a couple of days before returning to Kansas in July of 2013? Did anyone see him around town while he was there, who he was with? Do you know which hotel he stayed at? Of course you do, Open Records Act. Do they have expense reports? Does it indicate that he planned to stay a few extra days or did he change plans after arriving?

      Because this paper announcing a new hack on the AV-OS machines used in Alaska was published in March of 2013.

      And then the man I happen to know was the hacker of Alaska’s voting machines in 2008 on behalf of Governor Palin quit his job in Anchorage and dropped off the face of the Earth for six months in April of 2014.

      And then there was a second hack of Alaska’s system at the same time that Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson reported suspected hacks of the Kansas and Wisconsin state elections in 2014.

      We need to compare notes on this, but I don’t think your boy Kobach was educating the Secretaries of State on the finer points of voter suppression, I think he was negotiating terms of employment with the most gifted election machine hacker the world has ever seen.

      FYI, the machines that are suspected in Michigan are the same model as those used in Alaska.

      See below.

    • John J Foelster says:

      I had wanted to get in touch with the author of the above comment back in November-December, but my comments at that time never left moderation. Presumably they got caught in the spam filter by dint of length.

      I’d like to see the documentation he has on Kobach’s 2013 visit to Anchorage and its difference from his normal travel expense documentation. It seems unlikely based on the above that there are receipts of his meals from that Anchorage trip, which is what I’m really interested in looking at, but I can always hope.

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