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July 14, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls…

  By Diane McEachern Bethel, Alaska – A few weeks ago mystery man 1 posted flyers stating Taco Bell was opening a store in Bethel and job applications could be had at a number belonging to mystery man 2.  The flyers were faked and the intention was part of an emerging, less than kind, vendetta.  The flyers did not cause much of a stir in Bethel and were largely ignored.  Except by national media.  And Taco Bell, who seized upon the opportunity for some national publicity. Such was the germination of the Taco Bell event that descended upon Bethel Sunday. …

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In My Alaska Garden–Busy Summer Addition: Flowers

I am wayyyyy behind on my photo blogging and I’m going to try and catch up a bit this week. I promise that I’ll show you the photos of setnetting and I’ll also get to the vegetable progress. As you can imagine, everything is exploding right now. However, I wanted to catch the flowers “while they are hot” so you can enjoy the beautiful colors this Fourth of July week! Yes, lavender is my favorite color…why do you ask? The Thrift was a victim of Dear Husband’s weeding…but notice, I said HE WEEDED — and without complaint! You can bet…

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Parnell Continues to Fight Health Care for Alaskans

It’s been a big hairy week in Washington, D.C., with landmark Supreme Court decisions. Bigger than any of it is the way policy and politics are being touted as home runs and touchdowns by both political parties and pundits. It boggles my mind when two sides call the same point for themselves. I live and breathe politics like many people follow sports. Sometimes the stress is enough to make me want to pull the covers over my head and peek out around Thanksgiving. The tea party reaction was bizarre and almost comical. Congressman Mike Pence, R-Indiana, likened Thursday’s SCOTUS decision…

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Hawaii Gets Sullied!

Mayor Dan Sullivan, who got elected recently to a second term, will take his oath of office not in his city… not even in his STATE.  No, Mayor Sullivan will be taking his oath of office in Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday. Kid you not. But the mayor won’t be too homesick. He’ll have his pal/Municipal Attorney Dennis Wheeler by his side. The oath, taken 3,000 miles away from Anchorage City Hall, apparently coincides with his annual vacation to visit the family of his much beleaguered wife. Sorry, Aloha State for the proverbial turd in your paradise punch bowl. Do feel…

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Arctic Drilling – You Just Gotta Believe…

There are those of you who have been worrying about Shell’s imminent offshore drilling plans in the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska. You remember the live video of the billowing plumes of oil spewing from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. You remember watching the news from Alaska in 1989, as film of viscous black liquid that was supposed to be seawater slopped up on the shoreline in Prince William Sound. Countless seabirds, otters, and other wildlife suffered death by crude. Many humans also suffered ill effects to their health from a toxic bath of oil and hazardous…

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Open Thread – Gender Equity Looks Blue

I much prefer Alaska blue.

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SCOTUS Decision is a Win for Alaskan Women

~President Obama signs the Affordable Care Act in 2010 Today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act means that critical new benefits for women remain intact. The constitutionality of Obama’s Health Care plan was in question, and a 5-4 decision (including Chief Justice Roberts) came down in favor of the President’s health care reform law. Even the individual mandate was upheld, not under the Commerce Clause, but under Congress’ powers of taxation. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest released a statement this morning stating that under today’s ruling, millions of women will have access to birth…

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Anchorage Tea Party Embraces Extremes

I decided to pop in and see what was happening over at the Anchorage Tea Party’s candidate forum Monday night, because (believe it or not) that is my idea of a good time. And also so you don’t have to go. You, after all, are a regular person and it is not your idea of a good time. As I worked my way through the drizzly parking lot, I noticed that several candidates were advertising themselves on their cars. They ranged from the “so very Alaskan” duct taped model: To the “OMG I’m a State Senator! Look at ME!” mobile:…

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Mitt the Awkward Runs for Office

Have you ever had a chance to save someone from an embarrassing situation? It doesn’t have to be a big one. More than once I’ve seen women leaving the ladies room with toilet paper trailing their fancy shoes. It’s easy; walk up to them, step on the trailing end and they are free. I have the same uneasy feeling watching Mitt Romney campaign for president. I’m embarrassed for him. I get squinchy and want to look away when he speaks. I want to step on something and free him of his awkwardness. Since he’s been running for office longer than…

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Militia Trial – Barney Will Not Be Retried

  ~Coleman Barney (L) and Schaeffer Cox (R) in Fairbanks last year Twenty verdicts were handed down by the jury last week in the Alaska Peacemakers Militia Trial against defendants Schaeffer Cox, Coleman Barney, and Lonnie Vernon. But on the twenty first charge, the jury was deadlocked. Cox and Barney took the stand in their own defense during the trial. Barney was widely regarded to have been a strong witness. Cox and Vernon were found guilty on conspiracy to commit murder which potentially carries with it a life sentence. But they could not reach a verdict concerning the third defendant…

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