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September 29, 2023


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Friday, January 28, 2022

Bipartisanship is Not on the Map

By Shannyn Moore My friends, once again, Alaska is charting new waters. The GOP-heavy redistricting board, in its zeal to break up the bipartisan coalition in charge of the Alaska Senate, has made Joe Hazelwood look like a model seaman. Let’s see how the entire state “fetched up.” Alaska’s Supreme Court, listing like a dinghy in 20-foot seas, decided by a 3-2 vote that we can run this year’s election on an unconstitutional map of election districts. Why? No time to do a constitutional version. The board’s map still has one last hurdle to clear: the Department of Justice, which…

The Hoodie of the North…

A friend of mine recently passed through the Anchorage International airport and was asked to remove his hoodie. The thuggish and menacing hoodie, which has been the subject of tragedy and controversy, is apparently also all the rage with terrorists in the air. This particular hoodie had no zippers or grommets, and the pockets were empty. “What if I hadn’t had anything on underneath?” he grumbled. And I thought, what if it was me, and I didn’t have anything on underneath? This was distinctly possible. If you were to place a bet, at any given moment in time, I’m more likely…

Sexism and Free Market Comedy.

The following press release was issued today.  Read it first, and we’ll all join up afterward for a big helping of irony. Sen. Menard and Rep. Fairclough angered by Letterman joke, encourage apology to all women. Wasilla, AK, June 15, 2009 – Alaska Senator Linda Menard and Alaska Representative Anna Fairclough today expressed their concerns regarding CBS comedian David Letterman’s sexually exploitative comments regarding Governor Sarah Palin’s young daughter, and his refusal to apologize not only to the Palin family, but to a nation of women he offended. “I have been watching this progress for nearly a week and still…