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April 13, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Weekend Off – News You Missed

Alaska ADN – Of moose and men: A brief history of domesticated moose in Alaska Long before Jack Carr was noticed for raising two pet moose, he was already famous. An Alaska mail carrier at the turn of the 20th century, Carr spent his days crisscrossing the territory by dog sled, delivering mail between the Last Frontier and the contiguous United States. AP – Family spokeswoman: Alaska plane crash was a suicide The death of a man whose plane clipped one building before smashing into another in the heart of downtown Anchorage was a suicide, a spokeswoman for his family said. There’s…

Open Thread: Weekend At Brian’s

This fellow was not that pleasant. One might say he was crabby. The locals here in Cape Cod are usually much friendlier. The tide was on it’s way in so Brian bid his adieu and move on to some sight seeing.  

Moose v. Pumpkin


Utah Sheriff Saves Moose from Swing Set

Old time Mudflatters may remember that we had a little incident here at Mudflats Central a couple years ago that involved a mysterious clanging in the night, and a swing set found the next morning a couple hundred feet away in the driveway. The culprit was Brian the Moose, whose impressive antlers had gotten caught in the chains of the swings. Luckily for our Alaskan moose, he was able to free himself by his own efforts. A moose in Utah was not so lucky and got stuck. Here’s an amazing video of a kind and brave Utah Sheriff’s Sergeant who,…

Birth Announcement (Politics Free!)

  We’ve been waiting for this day here at Mudflats Central.  Every spring, somewhere between mid-May and early June, we celebrate a new crop of baby moose!  This year is no exception.  It looks like the official Mudflats mascots, Brian and Brenda are now proud parents! Today, I decided I’d better get some weeding done in the garden.  I had only pulled up about 4 fireweed, and was wondering whether I should go get a pair of gloves to pull up all the little rose bushes that seem to have taken hold, when I heard a twig snap.  Usually it’s…