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Friday, January 28, 2022

Open Thread: Celebrating Thanksgiving at Alice’s Restaurant

I’m not really sure how this became a family tradition of mine but it’s one of the few that at 34 I still stick to, listening to Alice’s Restaurant. The famous song by Arlo Guthrie has meant a lot to me – even was able to sing it with a Bishop and some Priests in a NYC holding cell a couple years ago. That’s a long story, that you can read . Over the years I’ve mentioned what I thought was a weird family tradition to many friends – and almost all of them told me that they too had…

OT: Shell Games & Hammertime

[This is an open thread.] The backspin on Shell’s latest Alaskan Coastline Enhancement Initiative has already begun, with “we’ll probably mostly skate this time” apparently the central thrust. You should also send a thank-you note to the burglar who broke into your house because, hey—no arson. Thanks, bro. Here now is some context involving Conoco’s Alaska’s US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R). Our friend Heather Aronno over at Alaska Commons produced a July 2011 NPR interview she describes as “Shell making their sales pitch for the offshore drilling that’s going so spectacularly.” “At the time, Senator Murkowski voiced concerns about the…