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Friday, January 28, 2022

Salmonstock: Ray Troll Prints!

At Salmonstock 2013 I was lucky enough to see the honorable artist Ray Troll make a print. If you’re a follower of Renewable Resources Coalition and Salmonstock (which you should be if you’re a reader of ours!) – you’ll recognize his art from the many t-shirts that they sell at the Salmonstock store. Ray also is the artist of the Raven’s Brew Coffee bags. During the process of making the print a couple attendees of Salmonstock pitched in to help as it’s a long and careful process of making sure that it comes out right. I kept on shooting throughout the…

Open Thread – “Spawn Till You Die.”

There’s a famous t-shirt in Alaska by the consummate Alaskan artist Ray Troll that says “Spawn Till You Die” with a picture of a skull and crossed salmon.  It’s become an iconic image up here, but it’s just a brutal fact of life for one of Alaska’s most famous species.  They hatch, they swim out to sea, they eat and sleep and swim and do what salmon do.  Then years later, they swim back, aided by the mysterious inner workings of fish physiology, to the stream of their birth and they “spawn till they die.” ‘Tis the season for spawning, in…