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September 21, 2023


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AK lawmaker speaks at Pillow Symposium & the losingest losers lose again.

THE LOSING STREAK CONTINUES In the recent history of Alaska legislative elections, there’s never been someone so smug, so obnoxious, and so mansplainy that his loss deserved celebration like Lance Pruitt (R-East Anchorage). His Twitter trolling, and actual stalkerish drive-by’s of his opponent’s home taking pictures were the icing on the cake. Then there was this, on the day before the election. File that one under “This Aged Badly.” Dr. Liz Snyder pulled off a win IN HOUSE DISTRICT 27 and sent “Speaker Pruitt” (yes, he’d moved into the office in his mind) packing. He was even fined almost $20,000 for…

Voices from the Flats: The Anonymous Bloggers on Palin’s “Fishing Philosophy”

We here at Mudflats have great respect for the writers at the wonderful blog “Anonymous Bloggers,” who live and work in Rural Alaska and other locations outside of “Los Anchorage.” I am especially excited when they pool their experience and write a post on one of the most confusing aspects of Alaska life — fishing rules and regulations. Here, Alaska Pi and Ugavic address Palin’s audacity while visiting New Hampshire in pretending that she had a clue about fishing regs and what was good for Alaska. I encourage you to go to the blog and read the original post and…

Voices from the Flats – Rogue Grizzly (post contains graphic image)

  WARNING – This post is not for the faint of heart and contains a graphic image. It deals with the difficult issue of predator control. When we think of predator control in Alaska, many who have not had much personal experience might think of Sarah Palin shooting wolves out of a helicopter for fun. That’s the image that pops into the minds of  many in the Lower 48. But, as with most things, the deeper you look the more complicated they get. Issues such as this are never black and white. Rural Alaskans face challenges that most others can’t…

McAdams Full-Page Ad: “I’m Twice the Man Joe Miller Is…”

As a large girl myself, I’m infuriated but not surprised by the ignorant Conservatives, (or DINOs, or folks with mental health issues) who can find nothing to use against Sitka Mayor and US Senate Candidate Scott McAdams except his size:   –ADN “AK-Voices” right-winger, Brian Sweeney forgoes credibility in lieu of insulting size-references to Mayor McAdams in at least two of his “articles.” (I have no doubt his sneering commentary is a throwback to some kind of High School trauma involving a football player and his head in a swirling toilet.) –Facebook fans obsessed with Lisa or Joe have become desperate now that…

APOC Complaint Against Rep. Bill Thomas Campaign (R-Haines)–The response(s).

Back on October 13th, I posted about the APOC Complaint I had filed against the re-election campaign of Representative Bill Thomas, Jr. (above, on the left, with Sen. Al Kookesh, who appears in several of the ads.) The complaint is in response to a newspaper advertising campaign consisting of 12 ads which ran in the Chilkat Valley News during the weeks leading up to the primary election: …Upon further research, it was impossible to determine exactly what category of legal contributions these ads were attempting to fit, if any: James Studley was the one who coordinated the entire ad buy….

Native Alaskans Standing Together for Scott McAdams

This is a really wonderful 2 minute YouTube video. It speaks to so many critical points of Native life and culture. Please pass it far and wide and let’s get it viral, especially in rural communities. Alaska Natives have so much at stake, and they deserve someone who will go to the mat for them. Scott McAdams is that candidate. Enjoy.

“The Hell With Sarah Palin” – An Update from Emmonak

Last week Governor Sarah Palin sent a series of messages from her Twitter account regarding the subsistence fishing situation in Western Alaska.  “Good news!” we were told. AKGovSarahPalinGood update re Rural Advisor John Moller’s recnt Emmonak trip, great news he reports; we’ll twitter assuming press won’t pick up good news.about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry John Moller was in the Western Alaskan village of Emmonak to discuss the topic on everyone’s mind – salmon.  Salmon are the primary subsistence food, and primary income source for residents of the Lower Yukon River.  Big problems, starting with the mismanagement of fisheries have caused…

Rural Update from Ann Strongheart in Nunam Iqua

What a year it has been so far! First, we have our brave, courageous, and selfless Elder Nick Tucker of Emmonak. Nick’s letter brought to light the crisis of not only Emmonak but also many Bush villages. Then, wonderful Mudpups, bloggers and generous people across the nation and around the world stepped in to help get Dennis Zaki to Emmonak. About that time, I found The Mudflats blog and the magnanimous Mudpups who wanted to help. The disastrous lack of a salmon run on the Yukon and across Alaska led to a crisis of tremendous proportions. Then an early freeze…