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Friday, January 28, 2022

What a Twit.

Way to spoil a surprise. More comedy gold from Sarah Palin’s Twitter account. She’s gone and blown it. Via Lindsay at Videogum comes the news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin bleated out a tweet on her Twitter that seems to have revealed the heavily, and comedically, guarded actual destination of Stephen Colbert’s upcoming trip to the Persian Gulf. So, SPOILER ALERT: Getting ready to tape shout-out for our awesome US troops serving overseas! Will be on ‘Colbert Report’ next month, broadcast from Iraq… Yes, so Colbert is going to…uhm…Iraq! Which is really great for the troops stationed there! But it…

Palin’s GhostTweeter Revealed!

< Looks like President Obama isn’t the only one with a Supreme Court pick on his mind today. Just got a Twitter update from the governor. AKGovSarahPalinJNU: Look forward to today’s staff discussion re: my 3rd justice appt to highest court in 3 yrs. Supreme Court truly effects AK’s future… Actually, it doesn’t. It affects Alaska’s future. When the big announcement came that the governor was going to start using a Twitter account, I, like a lot of people,  presumed that it wouldn’t actually be the governor tweeting her own material.  I figured it would be a paid staffer whose job…

Bedtime in Alaska – Odds & Ends

Don Young Twitterjacked! Oh, the Twitter fun just never ends.  Not only is the good governor tweeting up a storm on her brand new Twitter account, but so is Don Young…..or so we thought.  Turns out that according to Young’s office an imposter has been tweeting weird stuff using the name and image of Don Young, and Palin was briefly taken in and followed the scoundrel on her own Twitter account!  Now that the jig is up, he’s been un-followed.  And on an amusing note, Mudflats, too, was briefly on the governor’s “follow” list and then removed.  Interesting… The Dirty Truth About…