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July 13, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Begich Arms for 2014

Senator Mark Begich (D) doesn’t toe the line every time Harry Reid whistles. And he’s certainly been a thorn in the side of Yellow Dog Dems, and caused much hair pulling and kicking of trash cans for progressive Alaskans, particularly in the area of resource development. All that said, the Democrats in the Senate are a family, and even the wayward kid gets some TLC. Harry Reid knows, as do we all, that 2014 is going to be an interesting race for the Senate in Alaska. It will be Mark Begich (D) vs. any one of a long string of Republicans…

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Election Discussion Thread

The polls are closing and returns are beginning to come in. Have at it, Mudpups.

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Contacts for Voting Problems

Throughout early voting, I have been receiving emails, Facebook messages and phone calls reporting problems folks have encountered. They have included: — A pollworker demanding to see a voter card in addition to the voter’s driver’s license. (Note: if you do have your voter card, provide that first. It makes things easier.) — A voter was required to vote a question ballot because their address listed on the register was one number off the correct one, which was listed on their voter card. — A voter was listed on their voter card in the wrong district (according to APRN, this…

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Giessel Loses It

by Thomas Dewar …on television. Making this fact even more stunning is that she herself paid for the air time. Oh yes, gentle reader, in Cathy Giessel’s latest bizarre ad, she gives you a stern talking to. Because who doesn’t enjoy being yelled at by the politicians we employ? Even under the best of circumstances the senator’s demeanor is one of barely contained rage and contempt, and a race she feels slipping away is far from the best of circumstances. Even her own, high-profile supporters have publicly noted that the race is surprisingly close. In order to cope with the…

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Alaska’s Accountability Moment

Some folks talk a good game about that popular notion of “accountability,” but don’t really care for the concept when it’s applied to themselves. Exhibit A: Tuesdays’s critical election, which will determine the balance of power in our state. Our state’s biggest political fight—oil taxes—is often misreported as a dispute over whether to cut taxes for multinational oil companies, and this is simply inaccurate. Both sides of the debate are open to such a tax break. The only difference, and it is a crucial one, is whether such a break is tied to the often promised increase in production, or…

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First Ladies Endorse Alaska

“As our husbands were known for putting Alaska first, we, too, are dedicated to this guiding principle. Now, multinational corporations are attacking those Alaska legislators running for re-election who stood together in the past session to protect Alaska’s interests. “We thank and endorse Senators Hollis French and Bill Wielechowski and their colleagues in the Senate Bi-Partisan Working Group for their courage and leadership, and urge our fellow Alaskans to support them in the upcoming election.” —Ermalee Hickel & Bella Hammond • Oct. 30, 2012 In Alaska’s relatively short history as a state, “Hammond” and “Hickel” are as legendary as names…

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Hundreds Turn Out for “It’s Our Oil” Rally

Almost 200 people turned out in Anchorage, and also a great crowd in Fairbanks for the “It’s Our Oil” rally on Saturday. These folks speak for Alaskans who are sick of getting ripped off at the pump, and are sick of being told that it will take a $20 BILLION giveaway to oil companies in order to get more oil in the pipeline. Alaskans who are tired of hearing politicians from both sides of the aisle in the pocket of Big Oil trying to sell the same song and dance every year without requiring increased production. Oil companies make hundreds…

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Mudflats Exclusive: Joe Miller Calls for Unity and Right of Citizens to Hand Count of Municipal Election

Former Alaskan Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller, has issued a statement to The Mudflats regarding the integrity of all elections, including the Alaska Senate race in 2010, and the recently held Anchorage Municipal election on April 3, 2012. The Mudflats strongly supported Joe Miller’s (and Scott McAdams’) right to a full hand count of paper ballots in the 2010 election, and for processes that were fair, laws that were consistent, and the ultimate right of citizens to have confidence in their electoral process. Miller has been a strong proponent of the accessibility of the public to a full…

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Diebold Voting Machines Can Be Hacked for $10, and How This Could Save Your Thanksgiving.

I roll over lazily, stretch, yawn, and open one eye… I do a combined gasp/shriek, recoil a little, and bury my face in the pillow. Yes, my strange bedfellow is still here. I thought he left after the 2010 election, but apparently not. Given that you all know how I feel about former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, that I agree with virtually none of his political philosophy, and that I am grateful every day that he is not in Washington, D.C., he does bring up an interesting point to the readers of his website. The topic of the article…

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Something’s Fishy in Senator Murkowski’s Office

In the light of Anthony Weiner resigning over a personal problem affecting his professional life, it would seem that someone actually guilty of a professional misdeed affecting her professional life might be called to account. If Mark Begich had been faced with the situation Lisa Murkowski was faced with this week, we’d likely hear the monkeys howling for his resignation. It’s not uncommon for me to get an email or phone call from someone punctuated with “Have I got a story for you!” December 2008 was no different. I was resting up after a particularly busy and historic election year….

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