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October 2, 2023


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Outside the Olympic Village, There’s a Bigger Story Happening

While much of news media focuses it’s cameras on the sports being played out inside the stadiums there’s a bigger story happening outside that involves thousands of Brazilians. Many have been displaced by the Olympic games and the World Cup before it and many more complain of the games costs in a country reeling from financial collapse. As with Sochi claims of corruption have been made against the government and the IOC – billions of dollars with little oversight have been funnelled from tax dollars to building hotels and stadiums. Many Brazilians ask why the money could be found for the…

The Weekend Off – News You Missed

Alaska ADN – State pushing feds to allow Western Arctic caribou hunt Alaska’s biggest caribou herd, one that has swelled and crashed over the past four decades, now is stirring conflict between state and federal managers over who should get to hunt the animals. The Federal Subsistence Board decided in April to close federal lands where the Western Arctic caribou herd is hunted — except to locals, those hunters federally qualified for subsistence. The year-long closure to other caribou hunters would begin July 1. Alaska Public Media – Young, Murkowski to do ‘double whammy’ on energy bill Alaska Congressman Don Young will…

Black Lives Matter: Across The Brooklyn Bridge

Unlike the usual New York protests that end in violence from police and dozens of arrests, this march happened peacefully. Carrying mock coffins that had the names of those killed by the NYPD, at least a thousand people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge Thursday night. Circled by police helicopters and joined by members of the NYPD, the protesters chanted ‘Black Lives Matter,’ occasionally changing it to ‘Thugs Lives Matter’ – meaning that even those committing minor crimes don’t deserve to be shot or strangled.

It’s Flag Day! So here are some flags!

I love Flag Day. It’s the one day that (maybe outside of July 4th) that people get into flags. When I was in elementary school I won 1st place in every Flag Day competition (they were mostly collages). Oddly I don’t even know the history of Flag Day – but I don’t care… usually these things have some horrible racist and or genocidal (see: Columbus Day). If you’re interested – go to and google “Flag Day.” Don’t post what you find in the comments. I like living in ignorant bliss. Anyway. I’m going to go tomorrow and buy a…

We haven’t heard much about Palin’s Wisconsin Visit — Here’s Why

In the Palinista blogosphere, there was much hullaballoo leading up to Sarah Palin’s day-after-tax-day speech at a American’s For Prosperity (Koch Brothers) rally in Madison, Wisconsin. The April 16th event was billed by her supporters as “history in the making,” “courageous,” “this will be one for the books.” One commenter talked about needing “overpowering numbers” so that “the union boys just fold their tents and go home.” Reality? Not so much… Per the non-partisan PR Watch: THE BADGERS DROWN OUT THE MAMA GRIZZLIES The wet snow and tense atmosphere did not deter thousands of people from coming to the capitol…