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July 12, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Conventions Meet Around The Lens Podcast

Hey everyone, check out our super spectacular mega special episode, episode 35, feature the most panelists we’ve ever featured. All panelists were at either both of one of the conventions and will be answering questions and talking about their expriences. Panelists include Seth Herald, Monica Jorge, Brett Carlsen, Gabriella Demczuk, Aaron Cynic, Tash Sorensen, Tyler LaRiviere and Jeffrey Basinger. With host David J. Murphy and co-host Zach D. Roberts. Our picks this week included a story about the Turkey Coup, the crime podcast Sword and Scale, the reality of Spain’s housing crisis, unlimited cloud storage, the program Plotograph Pro, pictures of Bill…

A Sad Showing for the Left in Cleveland

  [Originally published in] The big attraction on the protest front, during the RNC this past week was a human wall around Trump’s RNC security wall. It was an idea that seemed fantastic once you first heard it, but it was something that needed good numbers and a willing group of protestors. It made for good images – but as was the theme for the week – the numbers were too small. While immigrant rights groups like United We Dream and some others took a strong stand in Ohio – few others showed. The numbers were too small to…

Are you suffering from political nostalgia?

Are you suffering from political nostalgia? Was your dipnetting or berry picking interrupted this week by the Republican Convention? Do you long for the days where the inexperienced candidate with narcissistic qualities and a private email problem was wrapped into one person — Sarah Palin? Does it seem strange to you that David Duke, a white nationalist, Holocaust-denying, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan thinks the time is perfect for him to run for U.S. Senate instead of secretly folding white hoods and watching episodes of Archie Bunker in an actual bunker? Are you still saying “All Lives…

Photos: The Mudflats at the RNC


RIP, RNC. AK at DNC in NC!

Well, it was quite a week. Hurricane Isaac was the featured guest of the non-first night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Then we were treated to days of hearing the sad tales of long-suffering Republicans who had to sell some stock to get by in their early years, and stories of struggle and fear that if they couldn’t make it, they’d be forced to rely on their wealthy and supportive families to come to the rescue. And worst of all, they had to eat… TUNAfish, and PASTA. Ohhh, the humanity. Ann Romney never quite said, “I feel…

Hurricane Isaac – Whose Fault is it, Anyway?

                          Before science, we humans came up with all sorts of ways to explain our surroundings. To the Greeks, an invisible god in the sky produced thunder and lightning. Virgins tossed into volcanoes could help prevent eruptions. Crazy people were possessed by literal demons and fossils were a trick by the devil. But now that we’ve developed science, we can cheer for an Olympic runner with no legs, have our minds blown by landing Curiosity on Mars and mourn Neil Armstrong, the first man to set a foot…