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Friday, January 28, 2022

Open Thread – Entitled

Oh, happy day!  We always love when we see the light on late at night under the door of the Mudflats Art Department.  We know that usually means that flyinureye has been inspired to greatness.  This time the object of his efforts is Li$a Murkowski. What do you get with a senator who thinks $75 million is a perfectly reasonable cap for oil spill damages, refuses to acknowledge the fact that she lost, and spends her campaign teaching people how to spell her name, and handing out temporary tattoos and rubber wrist bands for people to take into the voting…

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Debate Night!

I’m sitting at the KTUU Gubernatorial (and soon Senatorial) debate at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. You can view it live on KTUU Channel 2, or live streaming at I’ll be watching live, but feel free to blog it in the comments.  I’ve forgotten my laptop, but Mudflatter Writing from Alaska has loaned me hers to start you off! The room is full of the hardest of the hard core supporters from all the camps and it promises to be a lively evening.  So, pop the corn and cozy up!

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Voices from the Flats – AFN Diary: Day 3

AFN Diary: Day 3. Stop the Bullying and Let’s Be Family Again! By Elstun Lauesen This morning the long list of Resolutions were considered by the delegates and the Chairman of the AFN Resolutions Committee, Trefon Angasan asked if there were other matters to be brought before the body. A young man from Ft. Yukon, Edward Alexander, who looks to be in his mid-20s, took to the microphone on the floor and made a motion to suspend the rules. Immediately another delegate seconded it. Mr. Alexander announced that he wished to introduce a resolution asking for certain changes to the…

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Voices from the Flats – Brad Friedman

AK DEMS: State Division of Elections Inappropriately Aiding Write-In Voters in U.S. Senate Contest. by Brad Friedman As you may know, the U.S. Senate race in Alaska between GOP nominee Joe Miller and Democratic nominee Scott McAdams, Mayor of Sitka, has been thrown into what’s quickly turning into a potential three-way toss-up with Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid for the seat. She and her father have long been insider fixtures within Alaska’s political establishment, and so now both the state Democrats supporter McAdams and Miller’s campaign are accusing the Department of Elections, run by the state’s Republican Gubernatorial administration, of…

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Lisa, Liar, Pants on Fire! Murkowski Makes False Claims About Endorsements.

Lisa Murkowski has been the first to complain about the other candidates lying.  She says Joe Miller distorted her voting record (which he did), and she says that Scott McAdams lied about her voting record (which he didn’t). But Lisa Murkowski sent out a nice glossy colored mailer that went out to Alaska households and arrived in mailboxes across Anchorage this morning, and it was full of lies.  Under a banner that said “Alaskan Democrats Who Are Voting for Lisa Murkowski – and not Scott McAdams” was a list of people who supposedly fit that category.  This one was absolutely…

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Voices from the Flats – An AFN Diary. Day One.

By Elstun Lauesen I will begin with the end of the suspense. Rumors had been hanging like streamers from the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, making the day enticing to the drama-addicted media from the far reaches of Boston and New York. The closeness of the U. S. Senate race has made Alaska interesting again. Would Joe Miller dare to show up at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention being hosted by his hometown Convention and Visitor’s Bureau? Would the rumored dissidents from the Tribal rebel resistance blow the Federation Mothership sky high? Would the delegates (many informally expressing anger at…

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More Early Voting Hanky-Panky. Poll Observers needed! (UPDATED w/ link)

You may remember this story from AKM on Tuesday: In Homer, apparently, reports were received that each booth had a written list of the write-in candidates posted. This is electioneering, and absolutely illegal. If you see anything irregular when you are early voting, please take a picture of it. The above picture is courtesy of KTVA’s Matt Felling from a message he put out on Twitter. The Alaska Democratic Party was sent this picture by an early voter in Homer who saw the list when he walked into the booth. Sure enough, the list was in all of the booths. …

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Poll Dancing With Alaska Senate Candidates

Back on September 20th, a poll was done which simulated fairly well the Murkowski write-in attempt. It didn’t provide Murkowski’s name in the initial question, because in the voting booth, people will be looking at a ballot with only two names – Joe Miller (R) and Scott McAdams (D). In that poll Miller scored 36% in a three way race for the Alaska Senate seat. And then, stuff happened. No doubt about it… Joe Miller has had a very bad month. Think of it all (everything goes all blurry, and we hear gentle strains of harp music as we view…

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Joe Miller – the Junior DeMint

At the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Senate Candidate Forum last week, each candidate was asked which sitting senator they most admired. Lisa Murkowski started talking about Ted Stevens, and then acknowledged that he was no longer a sitting senator. Then she mentioned Carper from Delaware and Bingaman from New Mexico. They’re both Democrats. Murkowski spent a great deal of time talking about how she worked across the aisle and how she respected and admired these Democrats and that they worked well together. Scott McAdams mentioned that he admired John Tester and felt a connection with him because both he and…

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Help us, Rachel-Wan-Maddow, Scott McAdams Is Our Only Hope!

This election cycle, Alaskans have found it particularly difficult to breathe due to the lack of available air. The reason: it’s being sucked directly out of the atmosphere by the family feud between want-to-be-Senator-again Lisa Murkowski and professional grifter/East German Cold War admirer, Joe Miller. Of course, the person having the most difficult time finding air is Democratic Primary winner, Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams. It’s not for lack of good campaigning…he’s doing everything right. I even attended one of the Townhall Meetings he scheduled and was blown out of the water by his responses to every question asked of him….

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