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Friday, January 28, 2022

Voting Irregularities Reported in Alaska Early Voting

Reports are already being received in Alaska of voting irregularities at early voting booths, particularly as it relates to the Senate campaign of Lisa Murkowski. This is a call to anyone who is early voting or who finds themselves in the area. Please check the booth for any evidence of campaigning. In Homer, apparently, reports were received that each booth had a written list of the write-in candidates posted. This is electioneering, and absolutely illegal. If you see anything irregular when you are early voting, please take a picture of it. Let us know ASAP if you see anything in a…

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Voices from the Flats – How Many Votes Will Lisa Murkowski Get in Kivalina?

By Elstun Lauesen William Takak from Shaktoolik understands the impact of climate change. The Alaska Native Science Commission quotes him in a survey of the impact of climate change[1]. “Last Spring we only got six walrus because of the weather and the ice moving out to quick. A long time ago it used to be real nice for weeks and even sometimes for months. Now we have a day or two of good weather and this impacts our hunting. The hunters talk about the ice getting a lot thinner. It is going out too quick.” Hannah Miller of Nome: “The…

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Internal Emails Reveal Joe Miller Campaign Distancing Itself from Tea Party

[Cross-posted at The Huffington Post] Sorry, Tea Party Sugar Daddy. Looks like your sweetie really isn’t that in to you.  Now, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t mind spending your money like a drunken sailor trying to stumble his way into the halls of the nation’s capitol, but to be seen with you in public? Well, frankly he thinks you’re just a little embarrassing. There is no question that Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller has been treated like a king by the Tea Party Express.  Last June, he received their full endorsement.  He was a long shot back then. …

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Lisa Goes Rogue

I made my way into the Dena’ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage where Lisa Murkowski was scheduled to make a “big announcement”.  Earlier in the day her cousin leaked the information on her Facebook page that the announcement was going to be the launch of her write-in candidacy for U.S. Senate.  I was hoping that she would change her mind at the last minute.  She’s apparently been changing her mind at the last minute for some time now. There were a few hundred people packed into the upstairs lobby and they were all beaming.  The energy was high and they were…

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In or Out? Murkowski’s ‘Big Announcement’ Tonight

We’re all getting whiplash from the back and forth speculation about Lisa Murkowski and whether she will run or not as a write-in candidate for the United States Senate. She’s set to make a big announcement tonight at 5pm at the Dena’ina Center.  The latest thinking is that she will declare her candidacy as a write-in candidate. The Anchorage Daily News reports Facebook postings and loose lips from the Murkowski camp. Steve Aufrecht reports dumpster diving for Murkowski signs. If she jumps in the race, get ready for the circus.  You thought vote counting was crazy during the primary?  Buckle…

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Murkowski Decision Coming Friday

It’s starting to feel like the longest primary ever. Friday, according to her campaign, Lisa Murkowski will make a decision about whether to launch a write-in campaign for the Senate seat, or whether she will bow out of the race to lick her wounds and contemplate her next move. “Everyday Alaskans from all walks of life have approached me urging that I stay in the race. First and foremost I want to thank them for their outpouring of support. Advisors and friends had urged me to find a way to get my name printed on the ballot at all costs….

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An Open Letter from Rural Alaska to the Parnell Administration

~~CC Strongheart happily plays in a late summer puddle in the Village of Ugashik, while her mother Ann seeks answers about her future from the State of Alaska.~~   Dear Governor Parnell, Mr. Moller, Ms. Jollie, Mr. Black and others; After reading the article in the Dispatch I am gravely concerned and worried even more so than before about what this winter will bring to rural Alaska . Not only is the lack of both subsistence and commercial fishing, greatly diminishing our ability to put away fish for the winter but also the lack of funds brought in from commercial…

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If It’s Good Enough for Them, It’s Good Enough for Us.

  The blogosphere is full of tributes to Senator Ted Kennedy today. The left is mourning. Some on the right are not. Ted Kennedy was a consummate negotiator. He never gave up without a fight, and he knew what was right. He lived a life of privilege, fiercely devoted to serving those who did not. I was reading the comments from Sarah Palin’s facebook page, and over on Fox News. I wondered to myself how it was possible that the very people that Kennedy fought for all his life, to give them a living wage, and to give them the…

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Voices from the Flats – Oil Lust & Dodging Bullets

Bob Shavelson is a reformed attorney with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, and environmental sampling and compliance.  He was Editor-in-Chief of the University of Oregon’s Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, and has considerable experience in toxics, the Clean Water Act, and Right-to-Know issues.  Prior to joining Inletkeeper in 1996, Bob worked in the United States Senate, Oregon’s Senate Majority Office, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium, and the University of Oregon’s Ocean & Coastal Law Center.  He currently serves on the Boards of Directors of the National Waterkeeper Alliance and the Cook Inlet…

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Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Slams Palin

It’s interesting to see the reactions coming in from Alaska’s politicos to the surprise resignation of Governor Sarah Palin yesterday. But, perhaps the most surprising of all is that of Alaska’s Senior Senator, Republican Lisa Murkowski. We expect politicians to be…well…politicians. We anticipate all kinds of pussy-footing around, saying things without really saying them, and trying to offend the least number of people while saying the bare minimum to satisfly the public that they’ve actually responded. That’s why Murkowski’s response was so refreshing, an so unexpected. She said what many Alaskans, especially those who have supported Sarah Palin, are feeling….

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