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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Internal Emails Reveal Joe Miller Campaign Distancing Itself from Tea Party

[Cross-posted at The Huffington Post] Sorry, Tea Party Sugar Daddy. Looks like your sweetie really isn’t that in to you.  Now, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t mind spending your money like a drunken sailor trying to stumble his way into the halls of the nation’s capitol, but to be seen with you in public? Well, frankly he thinks you’re just a little embarrassing. There is no question that Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller has been treated like a king by the Tea Party Express.  Last June, he received their full endorsement.  He was a long shot back then. …

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Open Thread – Campaign Ads for Dummies!

And now a little campaign levity. Goodness knows we all need it! And who better to come up with the perfect Alaskan political campaign ad than the incomparable Mr. Whitekeys!

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Lisa Goes Rogue

I made my way into the Dena’ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage where Lisa Murkowski was scheduled to make a “big announcement”.  Earlier in the day her cousin leaked the information on her Facebook page that the announcement was going to be the launch of her write-in candidacy for U.S. Senate.  I was hoping that she would change her mind at the last minute.  She’s apparently been changing her mind at the last minute for some time now. There were a few hundred people packed into the upstairs lobby and they were all beaming.  The energy was high and they were…

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Murkowski’s Write-In Campaign–What Are Her Chances?

  The supporters have been rallied, the big announcement has been made and Senator Lisa Murkowski is off and running on her whirlwind write-in campaign! So what are her actual chances of winning? 1) There is the problem of her name. Lisa Murkowski…doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue or the pen.  However, it looks like a write-in won’t be as stringent as was once thought.  Just “Lisa” would not be enough according to outgoing Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell. However, voters would not need to spell Murkowski’s name correctly if “intent could be ascertained” according to Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai…even “Lisa…

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In or Out? Murkowski’s ‘Big Announcement’ Tonight

We’re all getting whiplash from the back and forth speculation about Lisa Murkowski and whether she will run or not as a write-in candidate for the United States Senate. She’s set to make a big announcement tonight at 5pm at the Dena’ina Center.  The latest thinking is that she will declare her candidacy as a write-in candidate. The Anchorage Daily News reports Facebook postings and loose lips from the Murkowski camp. Steve Aufrecht reports dumpster diving for Murkowski signs. If she jumps in the race, get ready for the circus.  You thought vote counting was crazy during the primary?  Buckle…

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A History Lesson for Joe Miller – The Tenth Amendment

In Which Joe Miller Gets a History Lesson (Again) Over the past few weeks, I have written with some incredulity on the subject of Joe Miller’s supposed legal expertise.  Today, I feel compelled to address another area in which Mr. Miller’s competence is woefully inadequate: United States history.  As you may have surmised, your Legal Eagle is an attorney, not a historian. I do, however, take an interest in history, and generally consider it to be an obligation of all Americans to at least familiarize themselves with the basics of their country’s history. This is even more true when you…

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Murkowski Decision Coming Friday

It’s starting to feel like the longest primary ever. Friday, according to her campaign, Lisa Murkowski will make a decision about whether to launch a write-in campaign for the Senate seat, or whether she will bow out of the race to lick her wounds and contemplate her next move. “Everyday Alaskans from all walks of life have approached me urging that I stay in the race. First and foremost I want to thank them for their outpouring of support. Advisors and friends had urged me to find a way to get my name printed on the ballot at all costs….

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Joe Miller Thinks You’re Not Very Smart.

By Legal Eagle Apparently, Joe Miller doesn’t read The Mudflats.  Or if he does, he skips over my posts because he has already “mastered the law” (insert sarcastic chuckle).  So what is our favorite divorce lawyer saying today?  To paraphrase – screw the Alaska Constitution and Statehood Act, we want our land back! Yes, Mr. Miller still hasn’t learned his lesson (or stopped talking in the third person, but that’s a separate, non-legal issue).  He recently told his hometown paper that despite the inflammatory Teabagger rhetoric that he used during the primary, he’ll request money from the federal government until…

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Politics v. Policy – The Wrong Side Wins With Berkowitz’s “Visionary Plan”

Until last week, we believed that both Democratic candidates for governor were good choices. We believed that both put the interests of Alaskans first, supported Democratic achievements, and could be effective leaders working across the aisle to pass legislation and to support policy and existing legislation that benefited the people of Alaska. Many of our readers support Hollis French. Many of our readers support Ethan Berkowitz.  But very few had substantial angst about the other. But last week something happened that rocked the boat, and by ‘rocked the boat’ we mean pitched the boat to the point where a lot…

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Senate Hopeful Ron Slepecki – Keeping Alaska Safe from the Buddhists?

With the number of uncontested races in Anchorage this election cycle, it surprised me to see someone actually running against Bill Wielechowski, also known as “The Best Bill in Juneau.”  There’s nobody who works harder or more effectively for the benefit of all Alaskans than our favorite Bill. So who is this daring upstart that thinks he can topple Wielechowski? His name is Ron Slepecki, making this race:  “Slepecki vs. Wielechowski” Say that ten times fast. So let’s check out Mr. Slepecki and see what he tells us on his website, and then we’ll look at what he doesn’t tell…

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