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February 25, 2024


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Gov. Sean Parnell Inherits Flaming Pants from Palin & Denies Children Health Care

Governor Sean Parnell, who has framed himself as an advocate for women and children, last week vetoed a bipartisan bill passed by the Alaska Legislature that would have provided health care for 1300 Alaskan children and prenatal care to more than 200 pregnant Alaskan women. These, most vulnerable Alaskans are those that fall between 175% and 200% of the federally recognized poverty level. Those that fall below that level are already covered by the state program, called Denali KidCare. What made the governor decide to veto the bill? He just discovered, he said, that some of the money allocated would…

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Voices from the Flats – Donald Craig Mitchell

The following is an op-ed by Donald Craig Mitchell, an attorney and historian who lives in Anchorage. He is the author of Sold American: The Story of Alaska Natives and Their Land and Take My Land Take My Life: The Story of Congress’s Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims, which in 2006 the Alaska Historical Society named as two of the most important books that have been written about Alaska. *********************************** CAPTAIN ZERO VERSUS COMMISSIONER OF ADMINISTRATION Donald Craig Mitchell With the world watching, two months ago in Fairbanks in front of a crowd of cheering fans and jeering…

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Another Hat in the Ring for Alaska Governor

It’s finally official. Today, Democrat Ethan Berkowitz has tossed his hat in the ring to run for Governor of Alaska in 2010 by submitting his letter of intent with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Berkowitz was unsuccessful in his attempt to knock Alaska’s lone congressman Don Young off his perch in 2008, although polls showed him with a solid lead going in to the election. Berkowitz leads in name recognition among Alaskans, and has now entered a gubernatorial field including Democratic Senator Hollis French, and Democrat Bob Poe. “A lot has changed in the fifty years since statehood and yet…

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Pop, Ooze, Dung, and the Alaska Personnel Board.

Lots of good stuff floating around the internets.  Here’s a little smorgasbord of tasty treats you may have missed. POP! Gubernatorial candidate Bob Poe wrote an excellent compass piece for the Anchorage Daily News that begins like this: I support equal rights for all people. And I support banning discrimination in Anchorage due solely to someone’s sexual orientation. I support a comprehensive equal rights ordinance because it’s the right thing to do, period. Sh. sh. shhh.  Listen.  Do you hear those faint little noises, like Pop Rocks?  Remember all those people in red shirts who testified at the Anchorage Assembly…

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Netroots – Turning Red Districts Blue: Organizing for Change

  One of my favorite panels at Netroots Nation was the panel discussion entitled Turning Red Districts Blue: Organizing for Change. Panelists were David Atkins (moderator), Darcy Burner, Adam Lambert, Democracy for America’s Arshad Hasan, Matt Browner Hamlin, and Eden James. Matt Browner Hamlin spoke about his time as Mark Begich’s online communications director in the 2008 campaign. MBH:  The challenge in Alaska is how do you get from a population which is only 23% Democratic to a vote of 50% +1. It was a big hurdle. Most Alaskans are registered as Non-Partisan. What helped the Begich campaign was the…

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Sarah Palin – On to a “Higher Calling”

    It’s Quittin’ Time here in Alaska.  Yes, according to our almost former executive-in-chief, we’re yesterdays news.  Tossed like an old banana peel on the compost pile of past political ambition.  Cast off like an old peep-toe pump with a broken heel.  Jilted.  So, why are we so happy? It’s kind of like being dumped by someone who was really bad for you anyway.  Sure there are some hurt feelings.  Didn’t we measure up?  Weren’t we worth fighting for?  “It’s not you, it’s me?”  What does the Lower 48 have that we don’t?  Is it the money?  But, you said you…

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Palin Hands Alaska to the Dems?

Is it true?  She said she was doing the best thing for Alaska when she quit, and by gum, she just might be right! The soon-to-be official resignation of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) could hand Democrats a legitimate pickup opportunity, according to a recent poll in the Last Frontier obtained by the Fix. The survey, which was conducted by Global Strategy Group, showed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell (R) at 41 percent to former state Sen. Ethan Berkowitz‘s (D) 40 percent — a statistical dead heat. Democrats held the Alaska governorship from 1994 until 2002 as Gov. Tony Knowles (D)…

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Buckle Up. The Palin Transition Begins.

OK folks, here we go.  Rub your palms briskly on your face, and shake out your arms.  The Palin transition begins… So, last February, Sarah Palin appointed someone to be third in line for the governor’s office.  That someone was Wasilla High School pal Joe Schmidt, Commissioner of the Department of Corrections.  An odd choice for several reasons.  But nevertheless, it’s the governor’s prerogative to choose, and he was confirmed by the legislature. Now presumably, whomever accepts the position of #3 in line to the throne is thinking … “Wow.  If anything happens, like the governor deciding to run for…

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Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Slams Palin

It’s interesting to see the reactions coming in from Alaska’s politicos to the surprise resignation of Governor Sarah Palin yesterday. But, perhaps the most surprising of all is that of Alaska’s Senior Senator, Republican Lisa Murkowski. We expect politicians to be…well…politicians. We anticipate all kinds of pussy-footing around, saying things without really saying them, and trying to offend the least number of people while saying the bare minimum to satisfly the public that they’ve actually responded. That’s why Murkowski’s response was so refreshing, an so unexpected. She said what many Alaskans, especially those who have supported Sarah Palin, are feeling….

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What’s Brown and Sounds Like a Bell?

DUNNNNGGGG…. Yes, I know.  I’m being juvenile.  But that joke always pops in my mind when I think of Congressman Don Young, and his delightful spooneristic nickname.  Yon Dung.   Now you know. What makes me think of such an unpleasant person on this beautiful summer evening, while I sip fresh lemonade and contemplate how good life is?  He’s thrown his hat back in the ring, that’s what.  Yup, he’s going for #20….his 20th term in office.  Looming indictments, $1 million plus in legal fees, having to step down from all his plum committee chairs?  Nope, doesn’t phase him a bit.  And why,…

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