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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Dialing for Democracy!

Since the demise of local progressive talk on KUDO, there’s been a big gaping hole in the airwaves.  OK, that’s not possible in a physics kind of way, but metaphorically that’s exactly what it is.  Yes, we have national feeds of Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, and others, but it isn’t like Alaska is some boring political wasteland unworthy of local political commentary.  There’s more going on in our underpopulated state than most states could dream of.  And the only consistent voices are Dan Fagan, Bob & Mark, Rick Rydell, Eddie Burke and their ilk.  There’s enough red there…

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Isn’t There an Ice Floe Somewhere That Needs a Homophobic Preacher?

If there is such an ice floe, I know plenty of people who would gladly escort Jerry Prevo on to it, and ceremoniously shove him off the shore with their foot to a destination far far away…or perhaps to no destination at all.   Prevo, of the Anchorage Baptist Temple has been a notorious opponent of civil rights for the LGBT community in the past, and he shows no signs whatsoever of intellectual or moral evolution.  He does, however, continue to throw stones, embrace divisiveness, and can now take credit for this:  Is this a joke?  It looks like one, but alas, no.  There’s…

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I Love Myself – A Comedy in Three Acts

The dynamic duo of Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki made quick work of revealing the biggest ego in the biggest state.  Behold the behemoth, over-inflated sense of self worth of John Ziegler.  He’s the guy that made the documentary “Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.”  You can read about my experience at the showing of the film HERE. The tag line on the dvd says “Witness the Death of Journalism.” Well, journalism ain’t dead yet.  The bloggers pull through, and gently guide Ziegler down a damaging path as he reveals the golden, magnificent, puffed-up glory that is…..HIM.  Stomach all…

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Hope Truck Leaves for Eagle!

After driving back and forth through the parking lot at Lowe’s and marveling at exactly how many black pickup trucks there were, I spotted it.  A black truck with a canopy, full to the brim, and balloons tied to the rack.  The Hope Truck!  It was great fun meeting up with Hope, and…..Mr. Hope. And it was wonderful delivering the good news….that Mudflatters contributed $770 to the pressure washer and cleaning fluid for Eagle!  Needless to say, that was plenty!  (And that’s not including direct contributions to the Rebuild Eagle Fund, or boxes of supplies sent direct, or dog food!)   So,…

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What a Twit.

Way to spoil a surprise. More comedy gold from Sarah Palin’s Twitter account. She’s gone and blown it. Via Lindsay at Videogum comes the news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin bleated out a tweet on her Twitter that seems to have revealed the heavily, and comedically, guarded actual destination of Stephen Colbert’s upcoming trip to the Persian Gulf. So, SPOILER ALERT: Getting ready to tape shout-out for our awesome US troops serving overseas! Will be on ‘Colbert Report’ next month, broadcast from Iraq… Yes, so Colbert is going to…uhm…Iraq! Which is really great for the troops stationed there! But it…

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Ziegler’s Folly

Conservative documentary filmmaker John Ziegler was in town to do a special screening of his new film “Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected and Palin was Targeted.” It’s been a while since I infiltrated a Palin event, so I decided to slip in and join the festivities. There seemed to be 300ish people there, I’d guess.  I think they’d been hoping for more, as the theatre was only about half full.  Clearly this was the base.  The base of the base. Bob & Mark of the “Bob & Mark Show” were there as emcees.  Eddie Burke was there too,…

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Open Thread – Likin’ the Lichen

There’s just something about lichen that’s so….lichable.  This combination of lichens is not unusual around here, and can be found covering large rocks at higher elevations above tree line. Photographed up close, they transform into beautiful abstract images that are positively artistic. Enjoy the shiny new open thread!

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Speaking Up.

There’s a moving op ed piece in today’s Anchorage Daily News.  Grace Jang, a Korean-American journalist had an encounter with none other than right wing talk show host Eddie Burke, Governor Palin’s golden boy, and unofficial mouthpiece for the administration.  It didn’t go well. On May 18, my photographer and I are invited to a conservative radio talk show to get behind-the-scenes video of a debate on a divisive issue. We accept. As a Korean-American journalist, I recently found myself an unwitting part of a disturbing story. The radio station has two guests whose views differ from the host. It is…

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I Got a Golden Ticket! And You Can Too.

I had more fun yesterday than should be allowed.  Let me preface this story with the fact that I am a huge art-o-phile, and museum nerd.  There’s almost nothing I’d rather do than hang out in a museum all day.  I can run even hard core museum goers into the ground.  I never get tired of it.  Ever. So, when I got an email last week inviting me as a member of “the media” (!) to come take a preview of the soon-to-be-open new Anchorage Museum expansion, and tour the special exhibit “Gold,” I was rather beside myself.  It’s a…

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Palin Ethics Complaint Dismissed.

Regarding this latest ethics complaint against Gov. Sarah Palin to be dismissed, filer Andree McLeod says that “her publicly funded partisan and publicly funded state staff and resources for personal partisan political purposes that have nothing to do with the state’s interests and everything to do with her personal, extremely partisan political Washington, D.C., beltway interests.” The Personnel Board disagrees. Here’s part of the latest press release from the governor’s office.  Please note the naming of a private citizen in the title of the release, and the disclosure of the employment history of that private citizen as it relates to state…

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