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Friday, January 28, 2022

Open Thread: AZ Memorial and President Obama’s Speech (Updated with pictures)

The picture above is of President and Mrs. Obama leaving for Tucson this morning. I’m about to run in and watch the memorial so I figure I’d give everyone a place to discuss it. *****UPDATED***** Jay sent us pictures of the line to get into the memorial, with this explanation: These pictures are from close to the entrance to the facility. They filled both the gym and the football stadium from what I understand. I went down there at 11am and the line was a mile long. The people who came in later knew that they would be out in…

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Open Thread: Another photo from Arizona

Arizona boots-on-the-ground reporters Jay and Kathy bring us another beautiful picture of the memorial to the shooting victims outside Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ office. As you can see from this picture taken this afternoon, it’s grown considerably since Sunday. If Jay and Kathy are able to get in, we may have some photos from the memorial tomorrow. I’m very happy that President Obama is going to be there and I look forward to his words. I am tired to the bone this evening and I’m going to bed early (I love “robo-post.”) I also join you all in sending out much…

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Voices from the Flats – Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama in Racially Charged Passage from New Book by Geoffrey Dunn In passages leaked from her forthcoming book America by Heart, Sarah Palin — the erstwhile quitter governor of Alaska, who now, by all indications, fancies herself as President of the United States — has taken another cheap shot at First Lady Michelle Obama. In a passage on perceptions of racial inequality in the United States, Palin slams President Barack Obama, who, she asserts, “seems to believe” that “America — at least America as it currently exists — is a fundamentally unjust and unequal country.”  And…

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Palin Believes She Could Beat Barack Obama

Wow.  Confidence is not her problem.

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Attention Congress: Honoring veterans goes beyond Veterans Day

My thoughts today turn to the special veterans in my life. This year, those thoughts are sadder with the passing in July of a special man, Vietnam Veteran, and dear friend Maurice Bailey. Mo served as leader of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Wasilla Chapter and was founder of the Veteran’s Aviation Outreach, whose primary focus was to help the forgotten vets across the state especially in Rural Alaska. Bailey was also awarded the Alaska Governor’s Veterans Advocacy Award in 2007. From Senator Mark Begich’s comments on Mo’s death: “Mo’s tireless efforts on behalf of rural veterans were instrumental…

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Voices from the Flats – AFN Day 2. Corporations are Not Tribes!

By Elstun Lauesen The most interesting meeting on Day 2 of the AFN Conference was on Village Survival! It wasn’t held at AFN. It wasn’t on the official AFN agenda. It was held miles away from the Carlson Center. It was a government-to-government consultation held with Alaska Tribal Leaders well away from the AFN venue. Mike Williams, Chief of Akiak Yupiit, sobriety advocate and mental health counselor organized the meeting while the Undersecretary for Indian Affairs, Larry Echohawk was in town for AFN. But the nature of the meeting, electric with a sense of urgency, required that the Tribal representatives…

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Palin Humiliated by Bill O’Reilly. “What Would YOU Do?”

OK, Mudflatters…  It’s been a little while since we’ve gone on a group foray into Palin World, but this one I couldn’t resist. This interview was quite something.  The “naughty librarian” is nowhere in sight.  Palin’s latest incarnation is more like the mean librarian.  The one who slams a giant book on the table next to you when she catches you whispering. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience)   Tight-lipped, jaw-clenched, death-stare librarian, complete with the Xtra Large helmet shaped bumpit.  Fair warning.  You’ll find yourself cheering for Bill O’Reilly. I meant to post this last night, but frankly after transcribing into the wee hours of…

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Right Condemns “Day of Service.” (No, I’m Not Kidding)

It’s easy to feel sad today, but it’s good to feel as though sadness is being used to create something helpful and worthwhile.  This is why, back in April, President Obama declared that 9/11 would be a Day of Service to honor the spirit of those that came together to help each other, and many who lost their own lives in service to others eight years ago today.  The idea came from Jay Winuk, whose brother, a corporate lawyer and former volunteer fireman, saw buildings burning and dropped everything to help people out of the tower.  His remains were found…

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Joe Wilson, Meet Rob Miller.

Well, we all know what unfortunate moment will be most remembered from the President’s speech on health care last night;  a heckle from another ill-mannered, sophomoric, Republican who is far more interested in disruption than discussion.  This time it’s Joe Wilson from … wait for it … South Carolina.  It’s been a rough couple months for the thinking folks of South Carolina.  Believe me, Alaskans can sympathize. Up until today, Joe Wilson was just another anonymous Southern Republican troglodyte Congressman, unknown to all but the poor people of South Carolina and the most serious horse race junkies. Today, he’s the hyena…

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Health Care Advice from a Quitter With No Qualifications.

The sock puppet strikes again. Twice in 24 hours someone calling themselves “Sarah Palin” has written a statement on her Facebook page. I’m pleased that the White House is finally responding to Republican health care ideas instead of pretending they don’t exist.[1] But in doing so President Obama should follow his own sound advice and avoid making “wild misrepresentations”.[2] Medicare vouchers would give everyone on Medicare the chance to decide for themselves which health plan to use, rather than leave that decision to government bureaucrats. Such proposals are the kind of health care reform that Republicans stand for: market-oriented, patient-centered,…

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