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November 30, 2023


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Pebble is Back

When I was 19 years old I was in a boat accident. I spent about 18 minutes in the ocean. I have never recovered from that cold exposure. Oh, I know people have been half frozen and made it back all in good order. I, however, get to experience it over and over again. It’s like my body thermometer has PTSD and the moment I start getting a little chilly it thinks we’re floating in the Gulf of Alaska again surrounded by kelp eels. We all have triggers that suck us back into situations scattered about our lives. A friend…

EPA, Pebble and The West Wing

I’m sorry to report that watching box sets of “The West Wing” isn’t enough distraction from our real politics. I am tired. I can confirm a fresh batch of baby sea otters, riding on their mama’s bellies, blown in by the latest storm can provide some relief. Their cuteness is enough to make anyone ovulate – I don’t care who you are. Their squeaks and mewing are impossible to ignore. I learned about something called “embryonic diapause.” It’s really fascinating and a little science-y. See, lady sea otters can get pregnant and put a pause on implanting the embryos for…

The Weekend Off – News You Missed

Alaska Juneau Empire – EPA extends decision-making on mining proposal The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will take more time to review comments on a proposal that would restrict large-scale mining near the headwaters of a world-premier salmon fishery. – We Spoke to the Alaskan Reporter Who Quit Her Job On Live TV to Run a Weed Dispensary Last night, after hosting a segment on the effort to legalize weed in Alaska, local KTVA news anchor Charlo Greene quit her job in true “f**k you, f**k you, you’re cool” fashion. Charlo went off script and told her Alaskan audience, on live TV, that she…


BRISTOL BAY PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT OPENS AT SNOW CITY CAFÉ – SEPT. 6, 2013 5:30-8:00 P.M. Accompanying silent auction to benefit Trustees for Alaska and its Bristol Bay efforts Snow City Cafe – 1034 W. 4th Ave. , Anchorage, Alaska 99501 A collection of images captured in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska by Anchorage photographer Carl Johnson is being exhibited at Snow City Café in downtown Anchorage for the month of September 2013.  Drawn from over 24,000 images captured during three years of fieldwork on a book project dedicated to the Bristol Bay region and its people, this unique showcase…

Bob Shavelson at Salmonstock

Check out this video Inlet Keepers Exec Dir. Bob Shavelson spoke at Salmonstock 2013 explaining to everyone at Salmonstock why they were there. Chuitna, HB77, No Pebble – the fight is varied but together we can win. Go to for more info.

Chef Ramsay Expert Salmon Filleter?

I have to admit, my one reality TV guilty pleasure is Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsay. I think I’ve seen every episode at least once. I’m not sure what gets me in the show, but it’s addictive. So when I saw this video on YouTube, I immediately clicked it – Chef Ramsay and salmon… two of my favorite things. Since shamefully, I have never actually filleted a salmon, I’m not 100% sure how good he is. So Alaskans – can you do it better than this sometimes-rude British chef? *warning, I’m not certain if this is Alaskan salmon or not….

Blinded Me with Science: Begich Town Hall Videos

Alaska Senator Mark Begich discussed issues ranging from guns, to veterans benefits. to the 800-pound gorilla in the room – Pebble Mine – in a town hall May 1st. Out of the 50 or so attending the open Q&A with the Senator, roughly half of them were wearing either a “No Pebble” button or sticker. Attendees of the town hall were not pleased with Sen. Begich’s “let’s wait for the science to come in”  responses to Pebble Mine concerns. Sen. Begich also discussed plans to help veterans work through the problems at the Veterans Administration, and saving a local landmark from…