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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Big (Not So) Bad Wolf of Yellowstone

I came across this striking video of a talk by Guardian environmental writer George Monbiot. The argument for wolves in our public parks is quite simple. It’s makes them better, healthier and easier to maintain. Last week, every wolf in the Lost Creek pack was killed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. After learning that the 11 shot included two that were part of an ongoing government research project, I felt that it was even more important for people to see this. I know that the State of Alaska is trying to start a war on “federal overreach,” but…

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Farewell to a Historian and Mentor

“WHY do YOU have to argue with the professor EVERY class?! Can’t you just let him talk so I can write this stuff down, take a test, graduate and get a job?!” Oh, that was a weekly conversation with some of my UAF classmates. (You’re shocked, I know.) I sat enraptured by Terrence Cole’s take on history. He was right, the historical truth was often most boldly told in political cartoons rather than in textbooks. I listened in Dr. Pierce’s class. He was quite old, with even older maps. I told him once the continents had moved since his maps…

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Ms. Understanding Feminism in Fairbanks

**UPDATE** It appears Mr. Roberts has lost his battle to decide which reading materials you may purchase where. From the Co-op’s General Manager: “The next issue is on the way. The co-op does not make buying decisions based on one member-owners wishes.” Feminism is what tells women they can sleep around and just get abortions when they go to (sic) far. Feminism is women saying they want to do it their way and not God’s way, and it gives men the ‘out’ to do nothing. I see feminism as one of the worst heresies that have completely messed up our church today…

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Open Thread: The Super Bowl, The Day After

Well, people here’s your open thread to vent. Did your team lose? Win? Didn’t have a horse or hawk in the fight? Want to go on a Chomsky-esque rant about how the game is a distraction from the big issues that face our country? Go for it.

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Starfish Horror Show on PBS Newshour

Like something out of a ecological horror film star starfish are literally tearing themselves apart. A disease that has yet to be classified causes the starfish arms to twist and then rip away from the rest of the body allowing its insides to pour out. Scientists are currently researching what may cause it. Before you go screaming Fukushima read this article from – it’s been happening long before that. Studies so far believe that there is likely a viral connection. The disease, whatever it is, effects many different types of starfish, though doesn’t seem to spread through close contact. A…

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Open Thread: Bill Nye Schools You on Poverty Myths

You know Bill from your childhood. Bill Nye, The Science Guy he had a excellent TV show a while back that taught kids science. Usually pretty simple stuff, non-controversial science. Well – he’s changed a bit – or maybe we have. Bill Nye, backed by the Gates Foundation is speaking out about poverty and it’s pretty stunning stuff. Check it out, from Bill Gates facebook page.

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IN Seeks Constitutional Ban for Same-Sex Marriage

As all Indiana residents know, we currently live in a futuristic golden age in which all crime and poverty in the Hoosier state has been eradicated; cars run on a combination of solar power and discarded Peyton Manning Colts jerseys while solid gold iPads are handed out to the populace on a daily basis. Faced with little else to do besides disbanding, the Indiana legislature decided to take up the last remaining controversial issue of our time: Gay marriage.  And despite increasing public support for same-sex marriage, many of our elected leaders have decided to take the position of banning…

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Parnell’s War on Education

Our governor gave his State of the Colony speech this week. In it, he tied “school reform” (by which he apparently means amending the Alaska Constitution to allow spending public money on private and religious schools) to raising the state’s contribution to each student’s education. I guess taking hostages is now Standard Operating Procedure for Republican elected officials. And even if those of us who like our constitution just the way it is were to acquiesce, Gov. Sean Parnell’s proposed “increase” in education funding wouldn’t come close to replacing what schools have lost to inflation in just the last three…

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Michelle Obama Takes it to the Hoop

I may have my share of problems with the President. His drone program. His immigration policies. My problems with Michelle Obama? Not a single one. If she were to switch with Barack and become President I’d be quite happy. She’s probably the first ‘First Lady’ that could have equally run for president and had the credentials to do so (Don’t talk to me about Hillary). Michelle’s food programs and her exercise program are awesome – she makes her predecessors work look quite lame. But what I like about her most though is that she seems completely and totally comfortable with…

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Springsteen Takes on The Governor [Christie]

Last night, Bruce Springsteen (aka The Boss) was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Bruce was promoting his new album High Hopes (which is fantastic). He joined Fallon in a parody of his classic hit Born to Run. Bruce and Jimmy changed the lyrics to discuss the “Governor Chris Christie Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam” scandal. The pair shared the singing and the guitar playing – dressed in Bruce’s famous bandana and sleeveless denim jacket. Lyrics: [Transcription by TheMudflats] In the day we sweated out on the streets, stuck in traffic on the GWB, They shut down the toll…

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