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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Anchorage Local Harvest Feast

WEDNESDAY | AUGUST 28 | 6:30-8:30pm [From] Similar to AFM’s annual International Holiday Feast each November, the event is free, family friendly, alcohol free, and eating utensils will be provided; the Alaska Botanical Garden is also offering free admission/parking to the Garden for the event. The Local Harvest Feast invites the public to celebrate our state’s bounty of local and wild foods through a potluck style affair. Event goers are encouraged to bring a dish to share with others for this community-based meal atmosphere. Whether a special recipe close to your culture, a salsa from the farmer’s market, rhubarb…

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Kangaroo Palin Down Under

“I don’t oppose Islam as a country,” she said during a sit down interview in Australia. Looks like Palin is at it again, this time embarrassing the state of Alaska from down under. While that may sound like side order of Palin word salad – it’s not – it’s actually from Australian Parliamentary candidate Stephanie Banister. Banister, who has now quit the race (again one-upping our half term governor) also followed up the misunderstanding of nations and religions with the following… “Jews aren’t under haram, they have their own religion which follows Jesus Christ, They don’t have a tax on…

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Springtime for Goldman Sachs

You just knew it had to be one of those brie-biting, Sartre-spewing, overly-garlicked Frenchmen who pushed the Earth’s finance system over a cliff. This week, US prosecutors finally began the trial of the only person on the entire planet whom they have charged with the financial crimes that sank worldwide stock markets by trillions in 2008 and left millions homeless and jobless, from Detroit to Manchester. By Greg Palast for Vice Magazine Amazingly, say prosecutors, it all came down to a single Frenchman, Fabrice “Fabulous Fab” Tourre, only 29 years old at the time. Even Julius Caesar waited until he turned 51…

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Governor’s Picnic (PHOTOS)

It was a gorgeous day in Anchorage – a perfect day for the Governor’s Picnic.  

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Disney Queen Owns it.

It’s Wednesday, AKA Hump Day. Your work week is half way over. It’s probably when you’re already starting to peter out a bit in productivity levels, day-dreaming about that trip down to Homer, the Governor’s Picnic…or wherever. But for now, you have two days of work left. Here’s some inspiration from someone who takes pride in her job (however evil). The Queen from Snow White at Disneyland is asked a simple question by a little girl, “Why are you still jealous of Snow White?” hat tip to reddit.

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UPDATE: Zimmerman Not Guilty, Here Are the Responses.

UPDATE: The video below has been circulating on twitter and facebook as African Americans rioting in Miami. IT IS NOT. It’s ironically riots of white people rioting in Vancouver, over the sport hockey. [via The Inquisitor]   People outside the courtroom are chanting, “The system failed us – No Justice No Peace!” MSNBC reported there was silence in the courtroom. The NAACP is calling for Civil Rights charges to be brought against Zimmerman. “A jury in Sanford, Florida has found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. “I know I am not alone in my outrage, anger, and heartbreak…

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July 4th Parade Photos – Anchorage (Part 1)

This July 4th was a wet one in Anchorage. The day started with a slight drizzle and then just petered out to be damp, a bit cold. Luckily there was a good amount to do and see on the Anchorage park strip – between the parade and the fair so I kept warm. There was also a chili cook off that unfortunately I forgot to test out. I took quite a few photos – and even after the edits ended up with a pretty size-able photo-essay so I decided to cut it into two parts. The second part will be…

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Calvin and Hobbes’ Birthday (Well, the creator’s anyway)

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of America’s greatest cartoonists, Bill Watterson. The creator of Calvin and Hobbes was born July 5th, 1958 in Washington DC. Bill went to college for political science and his first job was as a political cartoonist but only lasted a couple of weeks. While creating advertising for grocery stores he created the characters Calvin and Hobbes – a nod to his poli-sci studies, John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. The comic ran in papers from November 18th, 1985 to December 31st, 1995 – Watterson ended the award winning run with a note. Dear Reader:…

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Bigot Bullets – It’s a thing.

So what do you get for the racist gun nut that has everything? Pork laced bullets. Yes. This is a thing now. According to the HuffPost, these lovely bits of ammunition are laced with pork paint. South Fork Industries, based in Dalton Gardens, Idaho, claims its ammunition, called Jihawg Ammo, is a “defensive deterrent to those who violently act in the name of Islam.” The bullets are coated in pork-infused paint, which the company states makes the ammo “haram,” or unclean, and therefore will keep a Muslim who’s shot with one of the bullets from entering paradise. “With Jihawg Ammo,…

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It’s Flag Day! So here are some flags!

I love Flag Day. It’s the one day that (maybe outside of July 4th) that people get into flags. When I was in elementary school I won 1st place in every Flag Day competition (they were mostly collages). Oddly I don’t even know the history of Flag Day – but I don’t care… usually these things have some horrible racist and or genocidal (see: Columbus Day). If you’re interested – go to and google “Flag Day.” Don’t post what you find in the comments. I like living in ignorant bliss. Anyway. I’m going to go tomorrow and buy a…

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